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About: I am easy going, a free spirit, a good listener, critical, analytical, and observant but negligent, indifferent, aloof and clumsy, quiet but very sociable, young and an old soul at heart, detached and unemotional but sensitive, I am simple but complex.

I do not conform to anything that is the slightest bit 'the norm' or 'the dominant.' I am quick to question anything that is 'a given' or anything that appears to be a 'just because -' It is part of my analysis of the world. I am not pessimistic, just inquisitive and always on the quest for the multiple truths that make up the world.
Deir Yassin

We will never forget.

April 9th,1948

Rachel Corrie Will Never Be Forgotten.

Rest in Power.

March 16th, 2003

My interview with Samer Issawi and his personal accounts and experience with hunger strike. 

Equal? We should stop faking, stop taking

Famous faces just to make this occupation look like a vacation”

Scarlett Johansson Has Gas was written by Tamer Nafar as a response to Scarlett’s decision to dump Oxfam and promote instead an Israeli soda company producing in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian territory. Even the US Administration considers Israel’s settlements illegal!

Defying Oxfam and human rights activists’ appeals, Johansson accepted the job of defending Israel’s illegal settlement trade, thus becoming the new face of the occupation. She justified her move by parroting a standard Israeli propaganda talking point:

"The [settlement] factory is building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, supporting neighbors working alongside each other…", receiving equal pay, equal benefits and equal rights."

Remi Kanazi - This Divestment Bill Hurts My Feelings


More than 30,000 people are denied basic rights and are threatened with imminent forced separation because of the law. It is important to note that the law disproportionately targets Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are much more likely to marry Palestinians in the territories than Jewish citizens, leading the UN to condemn it as racially discriminatory. This temporary order is up for renewal at the Israeli Knesset for the 11th time near the end of April 2014.

By Students Against Israeli Apartheid at University of Toronto (Mississauga Campus)

Israel Without Boundaries - excerpt from It Was, It Was Not.

Israel Without Boundaries - excerpt from It Was, It Was Not.

An open letter to Stephen Harper, agent of colonialism, injustice and hypocrisy

This letter was written in response to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Israel.

Dear Mr. Harper,

Before I begin my letter, I must acknowledge that I have the pleasure of being allowed to reside on unceded Coast Salish territories in British Columbia. The bond between my people and the indigenous people of this land is unbreakable, and from it the Palestinian movement extracts the strength the keeps it going.

I could not get myself to listen to you uttering words of utmost injustice inside a building that was built on a land that belongs to my people and represents a regime that actively oppresses them. I did, however, manage to force myself to read it, and every pixel of every word on my computer screen made me both angry for the fact that I have the misfortune of calling my prime minister, and more determined to expose you for who you are: an agent of colonialism, injustice and hypocrisy.

It is not my intention to debunk every single thing that you’ve said in front of this illegitimate body of Zionist politicians. However, I will outline to you, step by step, how the Palestinian movement is not only going to prove to you how wrong you are for siding with a settler-colonial and rogue regime, but how it will demonstrate to you how irrelevant you are on the international scene – especially when it comes to the Palestinians’ struggle to liberate their lands.

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“Memory is the military of the Palestinian people”Talal Alyan 
I can never come at peace with what happened in 2008, so don’t ever try to impose your “peace” on me by telling me that forgiveness is key. Forgiveness isn’t key when four hundred children were murdered and fifty three thousand were orphaned for absolutely no reason but in the name of Israel’s ‘self defense’. The wound is still raw, asking me to forgive is like rubbing salt in the wound.

There is this white colleague who shares an office with me likes to sometimes ‘discuss’ Palestine affairs over coffee early in the morning when I am just starting my day and mind you, I never asked for a discussion in the first place. Anyways, most of our discussions end up with him arguing why a two state solution is better for Palestinians, as if he REALLY cares about Palestinians or knows anything about them other than what he hears on mainstream North American media. This morning he sent me an email with an article attached about just how wonderful a two state solution is for Palestinians and Zionists alike. I seriously thank the Lord that this didn’t happen in person because I would have probably punched the guy and told him to never discuss Palestine with me. Anyways, I replied to his email saying “Thank you but no one asked you to keep shoving the two state solution down my throat”, and I then sent my professor an email asking to be transferred to a different office because I have just hit the roof with this guy and I don’t think I able to share an office with him once the break is over. 

“Palestinians wade through flooded streets & bombed villages without electricity, but the occupier is the “victim” in need of “security”. “A spike in violence” means an Israeli died. Yet Palestinians have been shelled, tortured, & killed without break. Murdering a 3 year old girl in Gaza is not a “response”, nor is it “necessary” or “unfortunate, yet justified given the circumstances”. Calling this a “cycle of violence” is a slap in the face of ethnically cleansed, blockaded & occupied Palestinians. Occupation, apartheid & settler colonialism is not a “cycle of violence”, it is systematic brutality unleashed on indigenous populations.” —Remi Kanazi
In 2013, 4,000 Palestinians were arrested by Israel, 98% of which were from the West Bank and 2% were from Gaza. The average number of arrests each month was 323, which equates to about 11 arrests each day. All those arrested have been exposed to at least one form of torture. Some of them were tortured in front of their family members when they were arrested at their homes.


Israel opens dam, flooding Gaza Strip with rainwater

Middle East Monitor - Israel has opened the Wadi Sofa Dam east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, flooding dozens of houses and leaving hundreds of people homeless. The head of the Gaza government’s Information Office, Ihab Al-Ghusain, told Arabic Sky News that the local civil defence teams have been working to evacuate the flooded homes.

Rafah City Mayor Issa Nashar confirmed the incident on Sunday, saying, “Israel has indeed opened the dam which led to drowning the neighbouring areas with accumulated rain water up to 1 metre deep.”

This incident came after an unprecedented storm, called Alexa by meteorologists, hit the Middle East causing a humanitarian disaster in the region’s most vulnerable areas. In the Gaza Strip, at least one person is reported to have died as a result of the freak weather conditions and nearly 5,000 are taking shelter in community facilities while their homes are uninhabitable.

According to Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the rainfall led to a lot of excess water which couldn’t drain away, so “the Israeli authorities resorted to discharging the excess water into the Gaza Strip.”

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