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About: I am easy going, a free spirit, a good listener, critical, analytical, and observant but negligent, indifferent, aloof and clumsy, quiet but very sociable, young and an old soul at heart, detached and unemotional but sensitive, I am simple but complex.

I do not conform to anything that is the slightest bit 'the norm' or 'the dominant.' I am quick to question anything that is 'a given' or anything that appears to be a 'just because -' It is part of my analysis of the world. I am not pessimistic, just inquisitive and always on the quest for the multiple truths that make up the world.
I Remember Faris Odeh, Do You?

Faris Odeh (December 1985 - 9 November 2000) was a Palestinian boy shot dead by Israeli military forces near the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip while throwing stones in the second month of theqsa Intifada.

A picture of Odeh standing alone in front a tank, with a stone in his hand and arm bent back to throw was taken by a photojournalist from the Associated Press on October 29, 2000. Ten days later, on November 9, Odeh was again throwing stones at Karni when he was shot in the neck by Israeli troops. Odeh and the now famous image of him have since become symbols of the Palestinian resistance to the occupation


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